Dialectical Models Encoding stable release version 2.0.0


Abstract dialectical frameworks (ADFs) are a powerful generalisation of Dung's abstract argumentation frameworks. DIAMOND (DIAlectical MOdels eNcoDing) is an answer-set programming based software system. It translates ADFs into answer set programs whose stable models correspond to models of the ADF with respect to several semantics (i.e. admissible, complete, stable, grounded). The target audience for this tool are argumentation researchers.




The default configuration file looks as follows:
installdir = <location of the diamond.py script>
eclipse = eclipse
clingo = clingo
python = python
transform = “asp”


ADFs are represented by text files with a special syntax. Statements are declared via predicate s/1. For acceptance functions, several possibilities exist.
  1. Propositional formulas: file names like “instance.adf”
    • Acceptance formulas are declared via predicate ac/2.
Links are declared via predicate l/2.
  1. Bipolar ADFs: file names like “instance.badf”
    • Acceptance formulas are declared via predicate ac/2.
    • Supporting links are declared via predicate sup/2.
    • Attacking links are declared via predicate att/2.
  2. Dung AFs in ASPARTIX syntax: file names like “instance.af”
    • Arguments are declared via predicate arg/1.
    • Attacks are declared via predicate att/2.
  3. Functional representation: any other file name
DIAMOND can also be told the input format via command line options. If neither is specified, then DIAMOND will complain, but assume case 3.


DIAMOND is actively developed and maintained by the Intelligent Systems Group of Leipzig University. The core-development team consists of Stefan Ellmauthaler, Jörg Pührer, and Hannes Strass.